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Mission : Man Hunt

On a cold winter morning in the month of decemeber while on a usual morning walk a small thought crossed my mind and the thought was a thought until i didn’t take it seriously .The thought was having a re-union of my primary school classmates with whom i had lost touch around twenty eight years back .I said to myself that this would be a task which has to be accomplished at any cost and set out of the home .Normally we have re-unions of highschool and college mates but we have not seen or heard of primary school re-union very frequently .This was a pepping factor for me and the journey began with a handful of friends with whom i was in touch all these years .

We formed a whatsapp group with eight members on day one and the journey ,looking out for friends started who were scattered all over the globe .In this age of internet , we scouted for the names on all the social media and to our luck that didn’t work out as per our expectations yet we didn’t loose our hearts.I was accompanied by Umesh-a good friend of mine in this journey who had the same passion ,same thought process which made the task easier .Though initially ,our focus was to get only the boys on board i came across two girls names as i had contacts with their brothers .Slowly the group started building up and in a week time the group count rose to 20 people from nowhere .Then the miracle happened .
I got MKT Narayan on board after a bit of struggle easily .

Oh !! man , what a chap is he .He had more passion than me and umesh in searching people and all three of us connected instantly.We three devised plans and stratergies to get everyone on board .Before Narayan came on board ,the chances of finding all the classmates was very bleak as it was a time consuming process but with the energy
he bought into the team the effort started paying with the result .We were a team of fourty seven students in 1987-88 and unfortunately we had lost two people who are no more in this world.The target was to find 45 people and we were midway when Narayan entered into the fray .

Now the real test started as we were finding it difficult to track the people by their first name on internet and social media and suddenly someone popped up an autograph book which we had written 28 years back when we had parted ways to join high school .This acted as a catalyst and we got two more people on board after we found the
right name .At this juncture more or less all the boys of the class room were there on board and the tough nuts to crack was the girls as they were neither in touch with any of the class mates nor their social media presence was noticeable .

Me and Narayan were hellbent on getting people and we started on the journey of going direct to the people house where they stayed 28 years back .On a search mission we went to a girl’s house named Vidyavathi and she was dumb struck when we introduced ourselves as the alumni of the school.The joy ,happiness which was seen on her face
is still rebounding in the mind.This girl was a bundle of joy for us as she took the mantle and charge of the group .We were in the last leg of our journey of finding people but with Vidya entering the team , tremors were felt across the globe as she made an effort which brought two more members into the group and thus the mission of searching people ended .


Once upon a time ….

Once upon a time in a village which was famous for its scenic beauty and friendly people there lived a poisonous snake too .The village had a big well like almost all the villages has and had very sweet water in it . This well was suppose to be utilized by the villagers for their drinking water purposes but none of the villagers ever dared to venture near the well as the snake had made its termitarium very close to the well . 

At this juncture a sage came to the village and was very thirsty .He was going near the well to quench his thirst but was stopped by the villagers saying that there is a big poisonous snake near the well and if you go near the well it would bite you .

The sage didn’t heed to the advice of the villagers and moved forward .All of a sudden from nowhere the snake came in front of him and villagers were shocked but the sage with his calm and cool mind moved forward .The sage with folded hands asked the snake Why are you troubling the villagers ,Why are you not letting them to come near the well ,What are you going to achieve by troubling the people ??? 

Snake also thought for a while and respected the sage’s advice .He promised the sage that he won’t trouble any one henceforth .The villagers were very happy and congratulated the sage .The sage then moved towards the next village . 

From next day the villagers started using the well and the snake didn’t trouble any one .Gradually fear of the snake reduced drastically amongst the villagers and every one in the village were busy with their own work and neglected the snake as it had become harmless. 

The snake became so soft that the men folks of the village started using the snake as a means of rope to tie their crops if they had forgot to get the ropes and the women folks started using the snake as a cloth by folding the snake into a circular coil shape to keep water pots over their head.The village children also used the snake for playing tug of war but still the snake didn’t harm any one . 

Slowly the snake realized that every one is utilizing it for their own benefit and decided not to venture out .It didn’t come out of its termitarium for days and months together. Again the sage came to the village and inquired about the whereabouts of the snake .The villagers told that the snake has become harmless and is not venturing out of its termitarium or would have been dead by now . 

The sage wanted to confirm what the villagers were telling and went near the termitarium and called the snake .Snake on hearing sage’s voice came out of its termitarium crawling .It had become very weak and was very pale with no energy left .The sage asked the snake about what had preceded and the snake told the sage that I heeded to your advice and didn’t trouble any one but the villagers started misusing me and harmed me . 

The sage then told the snake “ The other day I had told you not to harm people but had never told to defend yourself when some one comes to harm you” . 

Moral of the story : All and sundry would dominate you if you are soft . 

This story was being taught to my six year old son by his grand ma for his story telling competition .If you imply this story to the present crisis between Tamil nadu and Karnataka governments over the cauvery water dispute ,I would leave it to you to decide of what I meant to narrate through this story . 

Thanks for reading !!!!

“Condom the Condemn”

I was shuttling in between those news channels other day when all hell broke loose with the Mangalore incident playing an important role in increasing the channel’s TRP .Whether it was the local channel or the national channels every one were the same.What i didn’t understand is all these people who ever was interviewed for their statements i.e the politicians , student wing president and their ilk were uttering one single word ,even the likes of Shakespeare ,Wordsworth or her highness the queen of Britain also would have had not tolerated this kind of mudering a word .

” Condom” -Ah !! Errr !!! Condemn was the word which had to be pronounced was pronounced as Condom and the seriousness of the situation was a fun filled drama for me .I whole heartedly Condom the situation ,Oops condemn which was very unfortunate , which should have had not happened at the first place .

Now , Don’t think it can happen at the second place!!!

What should have had not happened at the first place should also not happen at the second place but i strongly condom ,Oops again condemn the way it was beamed .Local channel Anchors on those ” Big Fight ” kinda shows were shouting like as if there is no tomorrow .One thing which i didn’t understand is these channels were not one sided in presenting their news .They were speaking on behalf of the VIOLINISTS (pun intended ) i.e the mob and were justifying in what the mob did as well as Non Violinists i.e those party doers .

Now please tell me how can one come to a conclusion in understanding the gravity of the situation or “We The People ” are being fooled by this channels who dont have their own stand of presenting a view .

Definitely i would live to see a day when some one condoms this kind of un ethical or irresopnsible reporting .

Nature Call !!!!

Oops,No it is not what you thought .I am here to tell you a story of my memorable train journey .

Western Ghats keep me calling very often , Normally the year end trips were suppose to be a happy and a merrier ones which obviously use to be always with friends .This time it was decided to spend the vacation with family on a piligrimage trip .Yes , Piligrimage trip as those who know me from the close quarters would be surprised to hear this .Yet i wanted it to be different .I am the one who hates train journey to the core because when ever i do a train journey the train would be delayed in reaching its destination by an hour or so and if the journey is going to be a day one mind goes into a state of depression .

Though a bit of coaxing by Anand and a bit of Googling by me i agreed for a train journey and that too a day journey .We embarked on this tour on 28th December by the Yeshwantpur – Karwar Express .It was a normal journey till Sakleshapur .The Heaven’s gate opened as and when the train left Sakleshpur Railway station .This paradise on earth i.e Western Ghats i assume were created when Nature was in its early teens few thousand years back .The Greenery lushing out of those beautiful mountains amazes the entire mankind and when the greenery is coupled with a cold breeze Heaven is just a stone throw away .

I must admit this train journey was a very special and a memorable one in my life .Rather than thanking those engineers who have planned this humongous rail track and have become famous because of the media attention on un seen and un heard terrain i would like to really thank those un seen hands or un heard names of labourers who would have fought against all brave’s of nature . The bridges have been built with such precise curves that even Madhuri Dixit’s waist would shy from the attention what it got when she was in her prime .

The entire strectch from Sakleshpur Station to Subramanya Road has approximately 52 tunnels and around 35-40 bridges .The way the tunnels have been drilled itself says how difficult and how strong the rocks were .Heard from a fellow passenger that it took ten long years to put a rail track of around 50 kms for the railway department .Though i am not a camera geek i had to put my hands on to the camera as i wanted to capture and preserve this memory for the rest of my life .

There were photographers of all variety on this moving train few with their mobile phone cameras switched on and few with those high end SLR parrot beaked lens cameras .All of a sudden the adventurist in me woke up and i too stood at the doors of the moving train as well as put half of my body outside the emergency window which won’t have those rods and clicked these memorable snaps

I would definitely love to visit this place as many times as possible in future .

Recommending you to do a train journey on this route rather than the road trip and wishing you a happy journey in advance .

Cheerio !!!!

Week end Red

I was disdained to browse through the news channels and rather felt sad seeing the news .The weekend was the one which Bangalore city saw red all over .There were news from all corners about murder ,accidents and the electronic media which vies for a piece of higher TRP were sensationalising the news and the reporters who were reporting from the location were screaming like as if there was no tomorrow .

Lot of people have discussed ,debated about the media sensationalising the news of a crime ,yet no one has found an answer to it .Normally the clips related to accidents , rape ,murder should be a passing cloud in the form of scroll news or flash news but when these electronic media’s start telecasting it 24 hours continuously the after effect it leaves on one’s mind is un pardonable .

First was the news of the murder of a corporator . The local media they just stretch the piece of news .I was so disturbed by looking at those clippings which were beamed continuously that i started thinking of murdering the beamers rather than pitying the departed soul .

Secondly there was an accident on Tumkur road where a boy of 9 years came under the wheels of a huge Volvo Bus very early on a sunday morning .The boy’s father who lost his sense started pelting stones on to the bus in a fit of rage .

These two were telecasted as breaking news non stop with video clippings on all the local channels .

Media – Where are we heading at this pace ??? Murder happens for a gain or a revenge and accident happens accidentally which is always un fortunate . There is absolutely no point in sensationlising that clip and the reporters who talk non stop without releasing their breath has to take a break and talk normal .

Is this what the new age modern journalism schools teach ???

Give us a break ,stop sensationlising this kind of news items .

When i was in Sixth or Seventh Standard Social studies was my favourite subject and i use to memorise the dates of the revolutions which took place in the late 1800’s and early1900’s ..A lot has been said about the on going movement and a lot would still be said about the movement .Majority of the leaders who have occupied the higher posts in the government are from rural background with a not big academic record or an education to their back .They would come to power either by hook or by crook .The lust of power makes them so aggresive ,arrogant that they won’t see what is boiling beneath them .They want a group of followers who knods to what they say or dance to their tune and then they are called as leaders of high caliber .

Electing a leader who is not worth his salt leads to the situation to where we are in today .Analysing the over all MLA’s of my state i have come to a conclusion that the urban or semi urban MLA’s have a very very few say in the proceedings of the government or the way it functions .A rural or an MLA of a B class city / town or for that matter an MLA from a village is more poweful than his counterpart from the urban city .

These MLA’s pump in so much of money when the election process is on that the entire village or a town goes behind the high worth Candidate and elects him .As former CM H.D.Kumaraswamy has said “ Even Mahatma Gandhi would have had not got his deposit back ,if he had contested the elections today” .A hundred rupee note to a voter or a higher denomination one and a quarter of Rum or whisky bottle given by the candidates makes them the winner in the elections.

The voter who takes that money and liquor wouldn’t have a brain of his own and he sways and casts his vote to the candidates who gives more money or liquor to him .The rural voter or the semi urban voter never bothers about the caliber of the candidate once elections are over as he would be engrossed in his day to day activities .Because of the rural voter who is large in numbers compared to the urban voter  we are in a situation where there is opposition for any kind of reforms .50-60 % polling would be done in semi- urban and rural centers compared to the urban centers where the polling won’t cross even 45 % .

Now post the elections the scene shifts to the capital city where all the happenings would be of a high voltage drama .The rebellism , hatred , competitions among their peers to clinch that seat of power .People with an illusion would be so dis illusioned and they would end up in a state of derilium .

Anyways now We the Public are the ones who are in a state of Brain Dead where we can’t take a decision of what we want and end up in giving our brain to the leaders where they utilise the situation to their whims and fancies .

The rural voter or the person who had taken that 100 rupee note doesn’t know that his leader would be looting the entire nation to the tunes of crores and crores .When we can have a rule and law for everything why can’t we make voting compulsory . It is the urban voter who doesn’t vote and crib all around for his needs.Reasons might be many for not voting but the end result is we would be continued to be led by leaders who would make millions and trillions of rupees at our cost .

Justice Hegde has said post the implementation of the Jan Lokpal Bill Team Anna would work towards the election reforms .Am eagerly waiting for that day when all these reforms would be in place .

Answer to one and all

Normally the Tea stalls ,City bus and Darshini hotels i.e small fast food joints here in Bangalore are the place where you can catch the pulse of the public .The common man is so charged and geared up for the bill to be implemented .The information what you gain from there remains pale in contrast to when you catch up with the elite or the urban crowd who prefers social networking sites and twitters .The Elite sitting in their cozy rooms and computers in front of them tweet , update their status on facebook at the drop of a hat .People from the IT industry discuss ,debate and argue so much that they are confused about what they want at the end .They involve in name calling and present their view point in a very opposing way . The so called intellectuals and their ilk talk in a fashion like the entire movement is un ethical .Is Doing a Dharna in a non-violent way un ethical or should they have had sat on the Govt head with Guns , Rifles and Bombs which should be ethical by the intellectual’s standards ???

Boss , i am a common man and these people who are opposing the movement or just talk to kill the time listen . No one had the balls all these days to start an agitation like this . Now the movement is in full swing .You can allege,make counter attacks about the persons who are agitating once when the bill is passed .The agitators are fighting for a noble cause which would be beneficial for you as well as your future generations too .Till the time the bill is implemented requesting all the detractors to keep their mouth shut .

The movement against corruption has caught the minds of all and sundry that it has crossed the barriers of all patitence which was there from last Fourty three years .Now ,sit back and relax till the Bill is implemented .

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